How we make our beers?
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Our brewery is installed in our basement, directly under our pub.

We do not add any “extras” to our beer, so you will not find any additives or enhancing chemicals to interfere with the natural, fresh flavour and aroma of our beers. Real ales are the freshest, most natural form of beer available – and we are proud to use only the finest ingredients, including malted barley imported from the UK and freshly packed whole hops. Even our water is pure... the Krakow water we brew with was recently recognised as the purest in Europe!


Our fresh, natural ingredients are ordered on a regular basis, depending on the style of beer that we are about to make. In our cool room we store malt, hops and yeast.


Mashing takes place in the brewhouse. We put the malted barley into the mash tun and add water. Mashing takes place at the temperature of 68 degrees C for about 1.5 hours. After the filtration process, the mashed liquor (known as wort) is transfered to the brewing kettle and the brewing process begins.


During the boilinging process, hops are added to the wort which provide bitterness and aroma. After boiling , the liquor is cooled and moved to metal fermentation tanks in the fermentation room.


Yeast is now added iquor, and the fermentation process can begin. The yeast feeds on the sugar and produces alcohol and natural carbonation (gas). The fermentation process takes about a week. During this time the amount of sugar in the beer decreases and the amount of alcohol increases.

Casking the Beer

Finally we put the beer into traditional English casks. It then spends some more time in the cellar, where it matures.

Our brewer loves his job!

And that's why his beers are so good!